Chiller & Mini Chiller

Mini Chiller

  • R410A environment friendly refrigerant, no harm to ozone layer
  • Integrated and compact design, simple installation and save space
  • Air-cooled system, no need cooling water tower, packaged design,
    easy for installation.
  • Energy saving and high reliabilityBy adopting high efficiency plate heat exchanger, the energy consumption can be reduced.Metallic protective cabinet with rustproof plyester paint.Built-in with voltage protection, current protection, anti-freezing protection, water flow protection and etc.,effectively guarantee the system to work safety.
  • Flexible and convenient controlBuilt-in with Eliwell ST542 electronic controller at factory.The chiller also can be controlled by the Eliwell remote control keyboard kit SKW210, which is LCD remote terminal with integrated room temperature control (optional).Reserved control port for electrical heaterReserved ON/OFF control portReserved alarm signal output portAuto-restart functionEmergency switchBuilt-in with water pressure gauge

Mini Chiller Inverter

  • DC inverter technology, optimally designed fan shape and air discharge grille ensure low sound values.
  • EXV is used for stable and accurate gas flow control.
  • High efficiency plate heat exchanger
  • High efficiency water pump
  • Compact structure design and leak-tight refrigerant circuit save you much installation labor.
  • The chillers are equipped with a hydronic module integrated into the unit chassis, limiting the installation to
    straight-forward operations like connection of the power supply, the water supply and the air distribution FCUs.
  • The units are equipped with axial fans so they can be installed directly outdoors.
  • Remote ON/OFF and remote cool/heat functions.
  • Controller built-in in unit panel used to perform all related operations as the user interface as well as fast diagnosis of
    possible incidents and their history.
  • Optional wired controller for easy operation.

Scroll Chiller – S Series

  • 14 basic models with cooling capacity ranging from 25KW to 130KW, combination models maximum capacity ups to 2080KW
  • Freely combine with fan oil units and air handing units. Home owners may choose the best types according to their functional needs.
  • Wide ambient temperature operating range
  • Wide outlet water temperature operating range
  • Wide outlet water temperature range
  • H shape high performance heat exchanger
  • EXV for more precisely flow control
  • High efficiency heat exchanger (For SP series)
  • Tube-in-tube & shell-tube heat exchanger (For SS series)
  • Alternative cycle duty operation
  • Back – up functions
  • Reliable protections
  • Intelligent defrosting technology
  • Compact structure design
  • Built – in hydronic module
  • Individual hydraunic module optional
  • Touch key wire controller as standard accessory to control the chillers.
  • Remote control functions for convenient operation.

Scroll Chiller – P Series

  • 19 basic models with cooling capacity ranging from 30kW to 250kW, combination model’s maximum capacity ups to 2000kW.
  • Freely combine with fan coil units and air handing units. Project owners may choose the best types according to their design taste (for interior) or functional needs.
  • Wide ambient temperature operating range
  • Wide outlet water temperature range
  • Digital scroll technology
  • High performance heat exchanger
  • Back – up functions
  • Built – in hydraulic module
  • Individual hydraulic module optional
  • Touch key wire controller as standard accessory to control the chillers.
  • Remote control functions for convenient operation.

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Environmental responsibilityA more e_cient chiller means less power consumption, which reduces greenhouse gas(CO2) emissions.R134a friendly refrigerant has no ozone-depletion potential.High e_ciency,world class,sustainable and reliable performance.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
    Reliability, low risk of uncomfortable downtime.
    The best parts, Bitzer Comp. &Danfoss EXV, Shneider electric.
    World-class testing facilities ensure the performance and reliability.
  • Silent operationLarger dimension impellers reduced speed causing less noise.The lower ambient temperature, the lower fan air _ow, then reduce noise.Super low noise model is optional.
  • Operating cost savingsBetter IPLV:Follows AHRI 550/590 calculation which notes that 99% of operating hours are not at full load.The COP was optimized for 50% ~ 75% part load conditions.Larger _T of cooler reduces HVAC system running cost.
  • Design flexibility
  • Easy and fast installation

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Green chillerR134a environmentally-friendly refrigerant:Refrigerant is chlorine-free HFC with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).Very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).
  • Stable and ReliableAdvanced twin-rotor screw compressor
  • High efficiency heat exchange technologyHigh efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger, 2 pass, straight water pipe, easy to clean. Both two side cover can be exchanged to meet customer’s requirement for condenser.
  • Advanced oil systemAdoption of the special oil separation and returnsystem, built-in oil separator, ensure the systems’stability.
  • User-friendly operating interface
  • Intelligent controlBy monitoring all parameters, the intelligent control logic decides the best load adjustment method, it optimizes the EXV and the capacity slider to guarantee safe operation under various load conditions.
  • Electrical control
  • Weekly operation scheduling
  • Data acquisition & storingRecords a max. of 256 of the lastest alarms and 500 seconds of chilled/cooling water temperature trend display.
  • Password protection
  • Self-DiagnosisSelf-diagnosis is always performed prior to start-up to enable safe operation

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